EAM Light


EAM Light was developed at CERN to give our users a light-weight web application with access to a limited sub-set of the most commonly used functions in HxGN EAM, as a complement to the standard application. The goal was to create a framework to provide simple and intuitive screens that could be used with little or no training. Because what we have learned over the years is that HxGN EAM is an asset management platform packed with functionality and processes, but not all users need all this functionality - at least not all the time.

With EAM Light we have been able to provide targeted user interfaces dedicated for precise tasks where unnecessary information and functionality has been stripped away and where information from other tools and enterprise applications could be both visualized and updated together with the EAM data. Thanks to the responsive web-design, these applications have proven to be an excellent option for technicians and engineers in the field using mobile devices.    

The first version of the EAM Light was developed back in 2012 but with the third version in 2016 it was completely refactored into the current application, which now is being published as Open Source.  A more detailed of EAM Light overview is provided in this presentation.



EAM Light is a multi-layer web application for which the front-end has been developed in ReactJS and the back-end in JavaEE, which in turn is using the EAM WS Hub Core for all communication with HxGN EAM. The EAM Light application is fully based on the business logic and access rights in HxGN EAM which means that the light-weight interface can benefit from the configuration capabilities of the underlying system. If for example adding, hiding or renaming a field on a screen in Infor EAM, this is immediately reflected in EAM Light. This has proven to be very useful in order to quickly provide tailored mobile tools for users in the field.

Thanks to the modular design of the EAM Light framework, it is possible to quickly create new modules as well as new applications based on existing modules. It is designed to support both cloud and on-premise installations of HxGN EAM and in the case on on-premise there is a possibility to switch on the database connection option in order to speed-up certain read operations.

Please note that in order to use EAM Light, you would first need an HxGN EAM installation and the appropriate number of HxGN EAM connector licenses. For more information about this, please contact Hexagon or your Hexagon reseller.

More technical instructions and documentation are available in the GitHub repository indicated below.


The EAM Light framework is published on GitHub under GPL v3 license.